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Welcome to a fun little place to mess around in my back yard.  Here you'll find links*, things to enjoy, things to learn and things simply to distract.

And, possibly, some half-finished things that don't quite make sense yet.

(BTW, this is about the simplest possible page I could make, so you'll just have to scroll down to see new things and use the navigation buttons on your browser to leave here. Some day it might be fancier. No, some day it will be fancier. I'm sure of it.)

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First of all, I'd like to share with you what I consider to be a highly enjoyable time-waster. It's called "Flight of the Hamsters!" Here's how to get to it:

Flight of the Hamsters

And here's the strategy I've developed for getting the greatest distance out of each little furball. Before you read further, I suggest you take a couple of whacks at them yourself, just to get the general idea.( I'll just go do some yard work while you're discovering the joy of launching hamsters from a pillow.)

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Back so soon?  Fun, huh?!

Okay first, as we all know, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The best way to achieve this is to watch, not the pre-launch hamster in its rising and falling, but rather the little meter that is near it. When the light colored arrow is in the middle of the meter is the best time to click. This will pillow-punch the little fella in a powerful line drive to glory. The inverse corollary - if there is such a thing - to this is that the higher you go, the more likely you are to then go (I know, I just split an infinitive, so sue me) straight down, missing the opportunity for multiple power-ups. Which brings us to...

Second, we are mislead in the instructions
to believe that clicking and holding the left mouse button will keep our little hamster in the air longer. Actually, clicking and holding will quickly use up any glide power we have built up. If we want a sudden rise in our flight path, great. Generally however, just clicking repeatedly - and often rapidly - at the moments of greatest need, gives our little rodent friends a kind of flapping motion which can carry him or her surprisingly far.

Now put the last two items together and you should notice that moving forward gives you the best bang for your flapping buck. To this end, you should do almost whatever it takes, flapping-wise, to reach the little red rockets. They  send you forward at high speed. Second best are the little boing-y spring ramp thingies. Also, If you can manage to both capture a skateboard and land with a shallow enough trajectory (which you can only do while going forward, NOT straight down), it may glide you far enough that you will run into a little boing-y spring ramp thingy, thereby prolonging your aerial journey. In case you are wondering, skateboards are useless unless you land with a very shallow trajectory. 

Eh, I could go on, but that's about it really. It's now up to you to take these jewels of strategy, or as I like to call them "stratagems" (Buh-hah! Heh-heh-heh! Ahhhhh. [wipe tear]) and waste precious amounts of your own time trying to beat my high score of... 1400!!! (That's for 5 hamsters, not one. Calm down.)
(But I did get 610 ft. on one hamster in that round.)

* T h e G o l f C o u r s e

Now I call the section where I put my links "The Golf Course" because... no, I'm not going to explain the obvious pun. It's just that behind the forest which is behind my back yard, there really is a golf course.

So I have the right to use a very obvious pun.

Anyways, here are some cool sites for you to check out if you so desire.

Coming soon: recipes for decadent, yet vaguely-healthy desserts and thoughts on sourdough bread-making!!!!
Yeah!!   Rock on!!

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